Will it be favorable for Ukrainian-Israeli relations?

Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the country’s most successful prime ministers, returned to power in Israel. Congratulating B. Netanyahu on another appointment as prime minister, I want to say two things here.

First. B. Netanyahu’s relations with Ukraine have not been rosy so far. Rather, they are problematic. Google will give you many publications on the topic “Netanyahu and Ukraine”.

During his visit to Ukraine in 2019, his wife Sara Netanyahu was at the epicenter of a scandal in Kyiv related to the Ukrainian tradition of welcoming guests with bread and salt.

With wife Sarah

On that occasion, B. Netanyahu even recorded a separate video clip with an apology:

There is an irritating for Ukrainians idea of “Heavenly Jerusalem”, which is being aggressively promoted in the information space by Igor Berkut (aka Igor Gekko), who sees B. Netanyahu as the head of this project and which Netanyahu has already discussed.

It is worth mentioning Netanyahu’s friendly relations with V. Putin, who unleashed a full-scale Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The communication with Netanyahu of the current President of Ukraine, V. Zelenskyy, is encouraging. We would like to believe that Zelenskyy will radically change the Israeli leader’s bias and wariness towards Ukraine to a positive one.

Second. There is one more factor that can and should play a positive role both at the personal and state-political levels. Although the individual facts are already known to specialists, I will be the first to bring them together and voice them.

Mikolaj “Red” Radziwill

You will be very surprised, but Benjamin Netanyahu is genetically related to Ukraine. According to the American Cellular Research Institute, the Netanyahu family is related in the male line to the Ukrainian families of the Radziwills (Radyvyls) and… the Ivanenkos. Yes, Netanyahu and I have the same DNA formula.

I hope that when B. Netanyahu learns about his roots in Ukraine, his genetic memory will send him the wisdom of the “Vilnius genius” — Netanyahu’s famous ancestor, who was born in Brest region (now Belarus) and whose crypt in Vilno (Vilnius, Lithuania) is also used as burial place of the prominent Ukrainian tycoon Count Potocki (see: Vilna Gaon).

Gaon of Vilna

I would very much like for Ukrainian-Israeli relations to enter a qualitatively new phase, for Israel to really support Ukraine in its resistance to Russian aggression, and for Israel to finally recognize the Holodomor organized by Moscow in Ukraine as a genocide of the Ukrainian people.

December 28, 2022

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