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I am coming from a family with deep roots in Cossack era history. My ancestry goes back to the end of 17th century to Ivan Bohatyi Ionenko, a Hetman of Dubossary (now Republic of Moldova, known at that time as [Crimean] Khan’s Ukraine. There was another high ranking Cossack official, Petro Ivanenko (aka Petryk), who served along with Pylyp Orlyk under Hetman Mazepa as an ambassador on special orders reporting to Vasyl Kochubey. He was one of the first to realize that Ukraine should be independent from Moscovia, left Mazepa’s government and was elected as a Hetman of Zaporizhzhia. He could not manage to unite all Ukrainian Cossacks and moved to Khan’s Ukraine, where he was a Hetman at the end of 17th and the beginning of 18th century sitting in Bendery (now Republic of Moldova).
Here, in Bendery, Ivan Mazepa found his shelter and died after splitting with Moscow’s tsar Peter I, and Pylyp Orlyk replaced him as Hetman.

I was born and grew up in the opposite side of current Ukraine – in Sumy Region, on the boarder of Poltavshchyna and Slobozhanshchyna. My father, a teacher and local history activist, collected a lot of information about my native village, Vasylivka, history. He discovered that it was founded by people relocated from Southern Podillia and Besarabia on Dnister river banks.

During my June, 2013 trip to Ukraine, I went to my native village of Vasylivka to visit my sister, Olena. There was a preparation for an event, and the village’s flag was flying next to the main crossroad. I was amazed that it was gold-and-green – in colors of our Cossack family Noble Coat of Arms.

Below, you can see a picture of Vasylivka high school that I graduated from with a Gold medal. The four windows of the right wing of the building belong to a classroom of mine. My father and my sister were teaching at this school until they retied years apart.

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