THE WAR IS NOT OVER YET: Advantage Ukraine Initiative Doubts & Risks

Zelenskyy Introduced His Biggest InvestmentProject Ever. Is it on time?

* * *

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy launched Advantage Ukraine Initiative, which showcases investment opportunities across energy, agriculture, infrastructure, natural resources and innovation technology sectors in Ukraine.

Invest in Ukraine and take part in creating history by building stronger, modern, competitive country and helping it fight on the economic front!

Andy Hunder, American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine president, wrote on his LinkedIn page that the Advantage Ukraine Initiative to drive foreign direct investment was officially launched at the NYSE. 

A. Hunder noticed that the world’s largest advertising company WPP works pro-bono for the Ukrainian Government to attract investment into Ukraine and help rebuild its economy. WPP agencies from Ukraine, Poland and Czech Republic will work with the government to demonstrate that Ukraine is open for business. 

The initiative will target business leaders across the world to encourage inward investment to support the economic recovery of the country.

That’s intention… Reality may be very different…

* * *

We have not yet seen the results of investments brought by V. Zelenskyy in 2020 from Oman. Oman has become an indicator of the current president of Ukraine’s investment initiative. Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine was two years away. Neither Ukraine nor the civilized world at that time even felt the threat of such a war. Although the audacious terrorist attack on passenger flights of Ukraine International Airlines was already a sign that it was coming, and the hundreds of dead in that Boeing were the first victims of this war. Civilian victims. 

Zelenskyy knew this firsthand. If the downing of the plane with innocent passengers was the Kremlin’s revenge for Zelenskyy’s intransigence, after the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Zelenskyy could have made public the truth about his trip to Oman, but he considered it more expedient to hide the truth behind the myth of attracting investments, which never materialized.

Recently, photos of V. Zelenskyy and A. Yermak with Nikolai Patrushev, the Russian National Security Council secretary, was posted on the social network, which is apparently a documentary confirmation of the meeting of the council of which Zelenskyi made his “investment working visit” to Oman. Not a single anti-fake fighter questioned the photo. They are really believable. Neither Zelenskyi nor his office reacted to the attack.

It is not difficult to guess who took these photos, who and for what purpose threw them into the information space. It is noteworthy that the photos were distributed by a woman from Ukraine who is in Germany. The woman ignored our request to provide a source.

There is no doubt that this was done not out of spite, but for the purpose of public warning and, of course, discrediting Zelenskyy, who is surrounded by a large number of toxic and unqualified people (Yermak and Arakhamia are on top of the list) is surrounded by lies.

“You can go around the world with a lie, but you won’t come back,” says a Ukrainian proverb. Lying is the biggest enemy of investing, which is based on trust.

Having experience working for Fidelity Investments, I cannot imagine how with such a reputation in the conditions of war, which Europe has not known since the Second World War, it is possible to gain the trust of potential investors and provide Ukraine with financing for post-war reconstruction and building Ukraine as a successful and prosperous country.

* * *

Russia’s war on Ukraine isn’t over yet. It’s underway… Rocket and artillery fire, bombing — mainly of civilian objects and the civilian population — continues. Russia is trying to erase Ukraine from the world map…

Ukraine now needs more weapons and ammunition… Lots of weapons and ammunition! 

Also, Ukraine needs the support of not 30%, but 55%—65%—75% of the world’s countries. And the best would be 99%!

If you are a potential investor, don’t rush into risky projects.

First and foremost, help us to win support of the most world countries! 


To add your signature, send e-mail to with your full name as it is written in your ID, indicate your occupation and position, as well as the city, state (region) and country of residence.

Make the Appeal working by following a few steps (see: WHAT TO DO AFTER SUBMITTING YOUR SIGNATURE).

Help Ukraine to get more modern weapons and ammunition!

Ukraine has to defeat Russia and to win this war. 

* * *

The second, but not less important than winning the war against Russia. Ukraine continues to live under the Soviet authoritarian and totalitarian social order with administrative and command government on the top. 

This is the only reason why Ukraine through the thirty years of its independence was loosing and loosing instead of winning and gaining (for more see: SOVEREIGN & INDEPENDENT UKRAЇNA: EXPERIENCE & PERSPECTIVES).

You should know from the history that investing in the Soviet economy wasn’t productive and fruitful.

So, Ukraine has to replace its current social order by a new social order based on Ukrainian traditions and customs. 

Help Ukrainians to have these changes done, and then you will get best possible opportunities for successful, effective and fruitful investments. 

This is the one and only way to build a successful and prosperous Ukraine.

Volodymyr Ivanenko

On Topic (in Ukrainian):

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