This is one of simple examples how people from outside of Russia support and spread around the world a tale about a millennium Russian history made up in Moscow to show the ‘Greatness’ of this country as world power.

Please, be advised that Russia with its current name came into existence in 1721 (exactly!) by the order of Moscow tsar Peter the First (aka Peter the Great), and before that it was widely known as Moscow Kingdom (Tsarstvo).

Historic Velikiy Novgorod used to be a sovereign state Novgorod Rus (read: Roos’) until a Moscow tsar Ivan IV, known as the Terrible, went to the war and annexed it make a part of Moscow Tsarstvo.

Even after that annexation, the name Moscow Tsarstvo remained in existence until Moscow decided to put its eyes on Ukraine. They started with making a union with Ukrainian Cossack Hetman Bogdan Khmelnytsky against Poland (1654), and later on after defeating Ivan Mazepa, a Ukrainian Cossack Hetman (1709, the ‘Poltava battle’ when Peter the First actually did not fight Swedish King Karl XII, but just killed 900 Ukrainian Cossack high ranking officers) and putting in jail one of the next Ukrainian Cossack Hetman Pablo Polubotko (by the way appointed by Peter the First himself), who he still afraid of until his death. After P. Polubotko’s death in Peter and Paul Fortress (St Petersburg, 1724), Moscow tsar Peter the First actually completed annexation of Ukraine and proclaimed Russia as an empire and himself as a Russian emperator (emparor).

Moscow needed Novgorod Rus and Ukraine (Kievan Rus) to claim itself as a millennium empire, because Moscow kingdom (created by the way as a remote colony by one of Great Kievan princes for one of his sons) had no history in those wild woods (forests) when Moscow appeared on the earth in 1147 or even later (some historians suggest that officially Moscow was established in 1272 by… Tataro-Mongols).

Now, let’s go back to Gen. Peter Zwack Facebook entry.

Historic Velikiy Novgorod by the time the Cathedral of Saint Sophia, claimed as ‘the oldest church (1045 AD) in Russia’, was built was a part of the largest and one of the most powerful state in Europe named Rus’ (read: Roos’) with the capital in Kyiv; later on Moscow historians of German origin will name it ‘Kievan Rus’ – to legitimize existence of other kingdoms named also ‘Rus’, including ‘Moscow Rus’.

The Prince Vladimir (Volodymyr) of Rurik (Viking) was a Great Kyiv (Kiev) prince when actually St Sophia cathedral in Novgorod was built to mark Christianization of Rus-Ukraine (988). Founded in 862 AD and now claimed as ‘the first great city of Russia’, Novgorod, as I said, was annexed by Moscow tsar Ivan IV the Terrible (Grozny).

…Because Russia is loosing Ukraine as a part of empire legitimizing Russia as an empire with ancient (millennium) history, after annexation of Crimea in 2014, Moscow privatized the Great Prince Vladimir (Volodymyr) of Kyiv as the one who brought Christianity to… Moscow and started talking about ruins of Khersones, Crimea, where their Christianity is coming from.

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Ivanenko

Ukrainian University

May 27, 2018

Published by Dr Volodymyr Ivanenko | Д-р Володимир Іваненко

Entrepreneur, Professor & Scholar | Підприємець, професор, учений

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