An Introduction

Ukraine as an independent state has emerged after the Soviet Union collapse in 1991. It attracted a worldwide attention in 2004 during Orange Revolution. Much more attention Ukraine got during 2013 – 2014 EuroMaidan and Revolution of Dignity. But the Russian aggression became a turning point that put Ukraine into the center of global politics and media.

Talking everyday to Americans and people from other countries about Ukraine, Ukrainians and Ukrainian internal and international affairs, I made a conclusion how little people around the world know about challenges Ukraine and Ukrainian nation are facing at this time.

As an Ukrainian Studies scholar, as an Ukrainian Topics publicist and just as an Ukrainian American, I am not satisfied with what I read or hear from journalists, experts, politicians, public activists who are writing and talking about Ukraine, Ukrainians and Ukrainian internal and international affairs.

My goal is not to argue with them on each particular topic, but to provide better knowledge and better understanding of Ukraine, Ukrainians and Ukrainian internal and international affairs, as I see everything from my prospective.

In this context, I definitely do not pursue the goal of improving or repairing Ukraine’s image in the eyes of the world community. All I want is give people outside Ukraine better knowledge and better understanding of what is happening in Ukraine and around Ukraine.

So, I am going to offer my own vision of Ukraine, Ukrainians and Ukrainian internal and international challenges from historical, current and future perspectives. You will get a critical view of Ukrainian government and political elite, Ukrainian society and intellectual elite, Ukrainian diaspora, etc.

This series of articles will be published on my personal website ( and shared on my personal and thematic pages administered by legal entities I am associated with – Ukraina Inc, Ukrainian University and Leadership International Foundation. Actually, my articles will be a part of projects Ukrainian University team is working on. It is possible that a book shall be published as well.

Although there is a list of topics that I am planning to cover in my articles, I will appreciate if you leave in comments or send me via message system topics you would like to be covered or questions to be answered.

Also, I am open for giving a series of lectures or speeches for groups of people interested in Ukraine and Ukrainian affairs – expert and research communities, university professors and students, Ukrainian American communities, etc. Please, feel free to contact me and my team via messaging system to discuss details and arrangements.

This project is particularly very relevant in connection with the oncoming 2019 presidential election in Ukraine.

Dr. Volodymyr Ivanenko

Ukrainian University

Leadership International Foundation

December 19, 2018.



Published by Dr Volodymyr Ivanenko | Д-р Володимир Іваненко

Entrepreneur, Professor & Scholar | Підприємець, професор, учений

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