Anatoliy Matviychuk wrote excellent notes on a topic that hurts many, and the discussion of his entry is evidence of this.

The only problem is that both the author of this entry and his commentators worry about this phenomenon, but do not see, are unable to see it, or do not want (sic!) to see it in a wider historical context.

Terrorism in the law, or rather state terrorism, was created by the Bolsheviks and became the basis of the social order established after the October coup of 1917.

The forerunner of total Bolshevik terrorism was the individual terrorism born on the territory of the Russian Empire, which was resorted to by individuals embittered by the tsarist power or the individual tsar.

As is known, after the execution of the elder brother (by mother) Alexander, who was the son of the tsar and who resorted to a terrorist act in order to take revenge on his father for rejecting him, seventeen-year-old Vladimir Ulyanov allegedly issued the following maxim:

“This is not the way to go. We will go the other way.”

So he set himself a goal and became the creator of a phenomenon that began with banditry, robbery and raiding (there is a great video about how Stalin and company extracted money to finance the Bolshevik party, forcing even Nobel to pay them tribute).

The Bolsheviks began total terror at the beginning of 1918, when, on the instructions of Lenin, one hundred thousand (sic!) criminals were released from tsarist prisons (at the same time, political prisoners remained in prison), most of whom became employees of the created in the same year The Cheka, which was headed by Dzerzhynsky and which eventually transformed into the OGPU, and then into the NKVD-MGB, and the pinnacle of perfection of which was the KGB of the USSR.

The total and purposeful extermination of the aristocracy, intellectuals and clergy in 1918–1932 turned into the extermination of the peasantry, the apogee of which was the Holodomor of 1932–1933 in Ukraine, as well as the repressions of the second half of the 1930s.

The apotheosis of total terror against the entire humanity was the Second World War, ignited by the same communist Bolsheviks together with the Nazis.

“We, to the grief of all the bourgeoisie, will inflate the world fire!” was their motto.

And during the First World War, by the way, they called “just stop shooting.” In other words, though. Therefore, on the territory of the Russian Empire, the First World War turned into a much more brutal and bloody Civil War.

The idea of world revolution, in other words world domination, was a fixed idea of the Kremlin throughout the entire history of the existence of the USSR. The Soviet Union generously financed not only totalitarian regimes, but also terrorist organizations around the world.

Likewise, inside the country, the Kremlin treated citizens like a terrorist. Besides the fact that the government itself was corrupt, this government was also closely connected with the criminal world.

My friend, the poet Leonid Horlach, once introduced me to Igor Knysh (literary pseudonym Igor Roschuk), a writer who wrote detective stories and novels. Before reaching the literary shore, this man was a thief in law and controlled the criminal world of the entire European part of the USSR.

Harmful criminal activity cost him the removal of one lung, and he left the criminal world after the operation and became a writer. Not without pride, Ihor Leontiyovych said that he was on friendly terms with the Minister of Internal Affairs of the USSR, General Shcholokov, and used to open the door to his office with his foot. Shcholokov, by the way, was a friend of L. Brezhnev, and that is why Leonid Ilyich appointed his son-in-law, who soon became the defendant in a criminal case, as his deputy.

Chaste Wikipedia shamefully silences the “heroic past” of I. L. Roschuk (Knysh), noting only that he “worked as a cinematographer, electrician, radio technician” (see: Ihor Leontiyovych Roschuk – Wikipedia).

It is obvious that the Soviet past hides many pages of such nonsense. This is how the “Soviet way of life” was arranged. With the collapse of the USSR, practically nothing has changed in Ukraine…


Only systemic changes could protect Ukraine from terrorism in law after the collapse of the USSR, but the Soviet social order in Ukraine was preserved. Thanks to the efforts of the National Democrats…

Older generations remember robberies, banditism, racketeering, etc. in the early 1990s during Kravchuk’s presidency.

Racketeering, raiding and individual terror with murders of politicians and businessmen marked Kuchma’s presidency, as a result of which the hated oligarchy appeared.

Yushchenko’s “Prison for Bandits!” remained just a wording. The real consequence of Yushchenko’s presidency was Yanukovych’s “Everything Will Be Donbas!”

It was in Donbas that significant acts of terrorism took place. It was in Donbas that the birth of the oligarchy manifested itself to the greatest extent through terror. Therefore, it is not by chance that Donbas became a weak place where Russia directed its aggression, calling this war of aggression… civil.

Bolshevik raiding at the state level also manifested itself in the occupation of Crimea. There could have been more such situations: terror in the law appeared in Odesa, in Kharkiv, in Kyiv… Terrorist acts were both individual and group. And there will be more…

Of course, the Russian Federation is interested in this, but in order to terrorize Ukraine and Ukrainian society, it uses not only its means.

Ukraine is teeming with the descendants of Bolshevik-Chekists and Communist-Kagebists, who are interested not so much in helping Muscovy conquer Ukraine as in preserving themselves, protecting their historical heritage and securing their future.

Consciously or unknowingly, it is precisely for this reason that the “Green Bolsheviks” came to power, the most active and aggressive of which are manifested in their hatred of Ukraine and Ukrainophobia.

Their hatred of Ukraine is quite natural, and one should not be surprised. Hatred of everything Ukrainian actually brought their ancestors to Ukraine. Otherwise, they would not have come here or, having come, they would have adapted and become part of the Ukrainian ethnos, as their conquering predecessors did for centuries and millennia.

Their Ukrainophobia is partly connected with their hatred of Ukraine, but to a lesser extent it is caused by their fear that the roots of their hatred will be traced and revealed. In particular, it will be revealed what mischief their great-grandfathers did in Ukraine and to Ukrainians, how they settled Ukrainians or Crimean Tatars freed from those who were shot, starved and exiled to Siberia…

After all, they have something to lose, and they will do everything to avoid material and non-material losses. They did it, are doing it and will do it not only with their own hands. To a greater extent, they will do it with other people’s hands, and they found, find and will find such other people’s hands an order of magnitude more than their own.

At one time, these were the hands of the proletariat and rural poverty, deceived and used by their great-grandfathers. Now they are betting on the marginals — drug addicts, alcoholics and other disadvantaged strata of Ukrainian society, but mostly on that social swamp that we call “kakayaraznitsa” (whatever).

This swampy “majority”, which ensured the victory of the “Green Bolsheviks” in the presidential and parliamentary elections and, perhaps, will contribute to their success in the local and regional elections, unfortunately includes not only the marginalized, but also formally people with a decent higher education and even with academic degrees and academic titles. The latter are the “labor intelligentsia”, brought up and united by the Russian-Bolshevik and Communist Party-Soviet colonial authorities.

They started with terror, they won with terror, and therefore they will never give up the terrorist methods of gaining and maintaining their power and themselves in power.

The only way to save and secure Ukraine from these troubles is SYSTEMIC CHANGES through the systemic Ukrainization of Ukraine, through the restoration of Ukrainian national traditions and customs, through the involvement of Ukrainians Worldwide in nation-building and state-building, through the creation of a Ukrainocentric media system and, ultimately, the replacement of the Soviet social order with a qualitatively new social order based on Ukrainian national traditions and customs.

The problem is that in Ukrainian society there is not even a small group of fanatics for systemic changes, around which the unconscious forces of society would begin to rally, from which the Movement for Ukrainization, the All-Ukrainian Cossack Movement, the Ukrainians Worldwide Movement, the Ukrainocentric mass media system, and the All-Ukrainian Front for Systemic Changes would begin to sprout. Systemic Changes, from which, in turn, qualitatively new Ukrainocentric ideological political parties would be born, which would be able to win the presidential and parliamentary elections and initiate the preparation and ensure the convening of the All-Ukrainian Constituent Assembly.

Unfortunately, from many highly educated, talented and well-known people in Ukrainian society, we have to hear critical remarks about “sky-high dreams”. Instead of promoting the idea of systemic changes in society, at least by spreading materials on this topic, they stupidly ignore it, and therefore do not support it, hoping that someone (from the diaspora or some rich oligarch) will come and do it for them.

Social media philosophers and experts accuse us of a lack of specifics (although there are more than enough specifics in our concepts and projects), they remind us of their work, but none of them was able to provide a link to the presentation of their concept for review (then they do not have time to dig on the Internet, then the concept was explained on some old forums and in the comments when discussing some publications there) — it turns out that the texts have not been preserved either on computers or on paper…

Meanwhile, in real life and on the social media, protests, rallies and just bazaars about a wide variety of problems do not stop, and above all – around the “language issue”. Enchanted in these capercaillie dances, they do not hear or do not want to hear any arguments in favor of the futility of the measures they defend. They are not at all interested in systemic Ukrainization as a possibility of an irreversible solution to the “language issue”.

A couple of intellectuals even agreed that the idea of Ukrainization is generally an invention of the Bolsheviks, and therefore our project is work for the benefit of Moscow. Then it is surprising that the “Green Bolsheviks” did not cling to this idea, because, unlike the Ukrainocentric representatives of the intelligentsia, they feel a real threat to the rise of Bolshevism precisely because of the Ukrainization of the level of national consciousness and civic maturity of Ukrainian society. And this is a threat to their existence.

Fascinated by individual events, promotions, discussions of ridiculous campaigns with a request to “put pluses if you support…”, our geeks in their mass did not pay attention to the anniversary of the Declaration on the State Sovereignty of Ukraine, about which very few publications appeared. What happened is essentially the same as what happened with the recent anniversary of Vyacheslav Chornovil… (see: SOVEREIGN & INDEPENDENT UKRAЇNA: EXPERIENCE & PERSPECTIVES).

No one wants to mock and learn lessons. But if they are not studied, then the negative processes will intensify and deepen. And this means that individual terror will become massive and massive, as it has been observed for years with regard to such a phenomenon as raiding. Sooner or later, all this can turn into a real civil war. If the conscious forces in Ukraine do not turn on common sense and arm themselves with constructive ideas, the Ukrainian cause may lose.

Do you want it? On a subconscious level, obviously, yes.

July 22, 2020

* * *

On Topic:

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* * *

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