A couple of months ago, I published my article “NOAM CHOMSKY ON RUSSIAN WAR IN UKRAINE”, paying attention to Noam Chomsky’s pro-Russian views of the Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Now, we’ve got a breaking news: Jeffrey Epstein’s private calendar leaked, and Noam Chomsky appeared on that calendar many times.

Jeffrey Epstein and Noam Chomsky. Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images. Ulf Andersen/Getty Images.

Renowned academic Noam Chomsky told The Wall Street Journal that his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein are “none of your business”

Katie Balevic writes:

• Noam Chomsky, the famed academic and activist, held multiple meetings with Jeffrey Epstein, according to The Wall Street Journal.

• Chomsky’s meetings with Epstein took place long after the disgraced financier had registered as a sex offender, the Journal reported.

• When the Journal asked Chomsky about the meetings, the linguist had some choice words.

“Chomsky said he discussed politics and academics in his meetings with Epstein. Epstein donated at least $850,000 between 2002 and 2017 to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where Chomsky taught for decades”.

An interesting discussion of this matter is held on Twitter:

Here is how people reacted on Professor Chomsky’s appearance on Epstein’s calendar:

— What the hell why would he meet with Noam Chomsky? He’s spent his life being anti capitalist

— anticapitalists just dont want to hear about how you make money, theyre totally fine with you having it already and hanging out at your penthouse

— This makes Chomsky’s pathetic remarks during Covid make more sense. He turned Fascist out of fear. I figured he was scared of Covid, but maybe he was scared of this.

— There is not much difference between a fascist and a socialist. But I’m sure most leftists would disagree.

— Noam Chomsky the pedophile was not on my bingo card.

— Well, Chomsky did demand punishment for those refusing to obey the corp/govt narrative on covid vaccines. So I’m not surprised to find he was a friend of Epstein.

— Does Noam make it more bad or less bad

— surprised me, Noam Chomsky, I guess saggy require greasing once a while ; no we finding out everyone was on that tree hahaha

— Noam Chomsky really, he considered himself to be the epitome of righteousness & moral values .

— Read his explanation of it. Didn’t think much of it till I read how defensive he is a out it and about Epstein already doing his time. Very suspect.

— This is why you can’t trust Chomsky @TechEpiphany

— His viewpoints always seemed sketchy to me. Not suprised he’s on the list.

— Blackmail most respected person of a field to push a narrative. Same thing Big Agriculture did for their pesticides (well almost, they paid them)

— it’s disappointing that noam chomsky was on there but it’s only being leaked to damage him. the ones who are not getting leaked are still playing ball.

— Well, you know he is not meeting Noam Chomsky for the money

— ooof Noamy old boy. yikes.

— Glad I stopped being a fan about 2 years ago

— I’ve heard this name–Noam Chomsky–forever. Have no clue who he is or what he’s known for. Same thing with Ayn Rand. Just names in the ether.

— “Intellectuals”

— Noam Chomsky is a surprise

— Are you telling me that Chomsky is also a CIA asset??

— Lol Noam Chomsky. LOL. Hard pass :))

— May Chomsky was acting on behalf of dictators like Chavez.

— Noam Chomsky? No way

— Noam Chomsky?!?! …Seriously?

— Noam Chomsky ?!??

— Noam Chomsky. Hmmmm ..

— Noam hahahahahaha

— Chomsky sus

— Chomsky??

— I knew there was a reason I hated Noam Chomsky

— I always knew that something was off with Chomsky.

— Noam chomsky bringing the doom and gloom to many under age girls it seems

— How else was Chomsky suppose to launder his money from Russia

— Well, the Chomsky thing is a no-brainer. He is awful.

Noam Chomsky interview: “Ukraine is not a free actor, they’re dependent on what the US determines” – New Statesman

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